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Below you will find the communication preferences we currently have on file for you. If you would like to change the way we communicate with you regarding your insurance coverage please change your answers and hit submit.

Consent to Receive Privacy Policy Electronically
To make sure you obtain crucial information as soon as possible, we offer you the option of receiving your Privacy Policy via the Internet.

Please read the following and indicate your preference:
I agree and consent to the delivery of any future Stonebridge Life Insurance Company  Privacy Policy by electronic means, either by sending the Privacy Policy to me by electronic mail to the email address provided by me to  Stonebridge Life Insurance Company,  or by the posting of the Privacy Policy at this Website.
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NO, I do not agree

Consent to Conduct Business Electronically
If you find using the Internet the fastest, easiest way to do business, you may also choose to receive additional communications and otherwise conduct business with us online.

Please read the following and indicate your preference:
To speed up your communications with us, first read the Consent Form in the box below. Then click on the "I agree" button to allow us to conduct business with you electronically.

Consent to conduct business electronically

If you decide to establish and access an online account with Stonebridge Life Insurance Company containing information about your coverage under your insurance policy(s) or certificate(s),(Coverage) your premium payments on your Coverage, certain documentation and/or informational communications regarding your Coverage (Communications) and any transactions you initiate while on this Site in order to manage your Coverage (“Transactions”) will be delivered to you electronically on this website or by electronic mail to the address you designate. This documentation and/or information may include, but is not limited to:

  • Access to forms, statements, and disclosures.
  • Transactions such as beneficiary changes, assignments, request for duplicate certificates or policies, address changes or other transactions.
  • Any Communications from us regarding your Coverage, Transactions, or other matters relating to your Coverage.

Your use and access to this Site is also subject to its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Withdrawing Your Consent to Do Business Electronically. If at any time you would like to cease doing business electronically with Stonebridge Life Insurance Company, you will need to stop visiting this site or sites. You will also be required to notify us of your withdrawal of this consent in writing, by electronic mail or by telephone. Only those transactions you initiate electronically prior to your withdrawal of consent will be processed. Any communications from us after your withdrawal will be delivered to you in paper format at the last postal address you have provided to us. You may also click here to contact our customer service department for further information and assistance on how to conduct Transactions, receive Communications and manage your Account by methods other than conducting business electronically.

Electronic Communications. Disclosures, forms, notices, instructions, agreements, or any other communications regarding Transactions and your Coverage (all of which are referred to herein as the "Communications") may be presented, delivered, stored, retrieved, and transmitted electronically.

Executing Transactions Electronically. Your consent to do business electronically means Transactions performed by you will be executed using electronic records and electronic signatures.

Consenting to Do Business Electronically. The decision whether to do business electronically is yours, and you should consider whether you have the necessary hardware and software capabilities in order to do so.

Hardware and Software Requirements. In order to do business with us electronically, perform account management activities, and access and retain Communications electronically, minimum computer hardware and software requirements must be met. Please click on the following link to view the minimum requirements: technical requirements. You should be sure that you can comply with these minimum requirements before you consent to do business electronically.

Scope of Consent. Your consent to do business electronically, and our agreement to do so, applies to your use of the website, the execution of Transactions in connection with your Coverage by you, and to any and all Communications and Transactions as described in this Consent to Conduct Business Electronically. In the event Stonebridge Life Insurance Company expands it capacity to do business electronically, it will notify you of such intent and confirm your continued consent to do business electronically.

Withdrawal of Consent. As mentioned in section 2, you have the right to withdraw your consent to doing business electronically at any time. However, if you withdraw such consent, any Communications or Transactions received or processed prior to your withdrawal of consent will be valid and binding on all parties.

Copies of Communications. If you wish to obtain a paper copy of the Communications, you may click here to contact Stonebridge Life Insurance Company Services, or you may print these documents by using the "Print” button on your browser.

Changes to Your Contact Information. You should keep us informed of any change in your electronic or mailing address or other contact information.

Printing. We recommend that you print this document and keep a copy for your records by selecting Print from the File menu.
Technical Requirements. When you click the “I Agree” button below, you acknowledge that you have the sufficient hardware and software as described in “Technical Requirements” above to conduct business electronically and receive and access Communications.

Consent to Electronic Communications. When you select the "I Agree" button below, you consent to having all Communications provided or made available to you in electronic form.

Consent to Executing Transactions Electronically. When you select the "I Agree" button below, you consent to executing Transactions by electronic record and/or electronic signature.

I've read and understand the terms of conducting business electronically listed above.
YES, I agree
NO, I do not agree

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